If you're reading this...

  • You probably thrive in environments where you were one of the few or the only people like you in the group: an outsider, a minority, a chameleon
  • You’re an inclusive leader who has created a track record of success for yourself and others by serving people through influence even without wielding power
  • You find creative ways to tackle problems in a way that often surprises those around you
  • You have a positive outlook towards the future and have a drive to help others see and experience new possibilities in their life and work
  • You typically bring passion and energy to the things that get you excited - with an enthusiasm most people consider intense

And the dark side to this is that you are also skilled at holding back parts of yourself and diminishing your skills and desires, exerting energy to the point of burnout in order to make others happy and keep the peace.

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"Show up,  Speak up, Stand up for what you believe is possible." - Nemo Ashong
Founder of Empjoyment, Pioneer Leader of World Joy Movement

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